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Upcoming Council Meetings

A list of upcoming and past meetings, click here.

If you have questions around any of the following legislative services the City provides, please fill out the form below.

  • Bylaws
  • Public Hearings
  • Presentations
  • Submissions
  • Official Business Resolutions


The Municipal Government Act authorizes cities such as Lethbridge to create and enforce bylaws to maintain the health, safety, and wellness of the community. Bylaws in Lethbridge are approved by City Council and maintained by the Office of the City Clerk. Bylaw complaints and enforcement questions should be directed to 311. 

Bylaws are available on our website

Public Hearing

Public hearings are your chance to share your opinions and views on specific topics with City Council. These hearings are open for anyone to speak at or to submit written comments. Written comments must be received before 12:00 P.M. the Monday, 8-days before the public hearing is scheduled (or the following Tuesday when there is a Holiday).  

Public hearings are typically held to discuss:

  • Planning and development related matters (such as rezoning of residential areas);
  • New bylaws or changes to existing bylaws; and
  • Road closures


City Council meets regularly to discuss issues, set priorities, establish policy, and make decisions based on information from many groups and citizens as well as City departmental managers and staff. The information is most often provided to Council in the form of presentations or written submissions.

Council meetings are held bi-weekly, are open to the public and consist of listening to presentations, asking questions, reviewing reports or written submissions, and considering recommendations contained within them.

Presentations are provided in advance with the Council meeting agenda. 

If you wish to submit a presentation to appear in front of Council, please fill out the form below.


Members of Council regularly meet at Council and committee meetings to discuss governance issues such as policies, bylaws, the City budget and major projects to be undertaken by City departments. 

If you have information for Council, you may submit a briefing of the subject via this form. This briefing should present the reason for your submission, your contact information, and what result you are seeking, if any.  Additionally, please include all supporting documentation that should accompany your submission. 

The City Clerk will provide your information to the Priorities and Agenda Committee in adherence to the City of Lethbridge Procedure Bylaw 6250

Once the Priorities and Agenda Committee have made a decision on your submission, the City Clerk will advise you.

Official Business Resolutions

To find noteworthy decisions and issues from City Council meetings, click here. For minutes of City Council meetings click here.

If you have any questions or comments regarding official business, please submit a request via this form. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding resolutions, please submit a request via this form. 

Privacy Policy

Personal information is being collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for the purpose of processing your request. If you have any questions regarding the collection or use of your personal information, please contact the City of Lethbridge FOIP Coordinator by calling 311 or 403-320-3111.

The City of Lethbridge does not respond to submissions that are anonymous, malicious or contain inappropriate or profane language. Such submissions will be discarded.


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